Hops and Spice

Hops and Spice and everything nice celebrates the intertwined worlds of quality craft beer and food. As a marketing and events professional, helping these industries succeed is a passion of mine. I want people to see the true quality and craftsmanship that goes into food and beverages that are created from the heart.

There’s more to beer than hops, water, barley, and yeast. More to cooking than following a recipe. Ingredients and process are only elements of making a successful product. The love for a brand, the sense of community, knowing where something was grown, where it was made and by whom, and that feeling you get when you know that someone poured all their energy and pride into what’s on your plate, or in your pint glass.




  1. Have you ever tried spare ribs boiled in a porter or stout of your choice with apple juice, garlic, onions and spices. Then brown the ribs over the BBQ.


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