An ale for the trail from Coulee Brewing

I recently was sent some Coulee Brewing Red Coat Trail Ale for a little review, and decided to take it with me out to Jasper, Alberta to see if it really was the perfect hiking beer. I’ll be honest here, recently was over a month ago and I’ve only just crawled out from under a mountain of work, somehow to find Calgary covered in snow! Although time hiking in the actual mountains appears to be at it’s end for the season, I still wanted to talk about this beer!


Robust and rich with roast malt, Red Coat Trail Ale — an Extra Special Amber ale — ticked all the boxes for a beer to take out on a fall camping trip. It was a great one to sip by the campfire and perfectly paired with a toasty s’more. Trust me, I tested this pairing in excess. Taking it out on a chilly hike, it was just the reward we wanted at the end, with a smooth caramel, yet delightfully hoppy finish.


It’s no surprise that this and Coulee’s Coalbanks Porter both won Gold for Alberta in their categories earlier this year at the Canadian Brewing Awards and Conference. You can tell this brewery doesn’t cut corners on ingredients because everything I’ve had out of there so far has had incredible flavour. On a side note their brewery is very impressive too if you ever get the chance to visit, Lethbridge is lucky to have them locally.

I had one beer left in the fridge this week, so I figured I should also test it as a “cozy by the fireplace” beer, for science. Verdict: yup, it works for that too. So, whether your trail is the beautiful mountains of Jasper or your just hiding from the winter weather watching Netflix and pretending you’re on an adventure, the Red Coat Trail Ale is the perfect companion. I think I’ll need to pick up some more to get me through this snowy autumn!


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