Friendly neighbours – Ol’ Beautiful Brewing moves in next door to Cold Garden

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Cold Garden has made themselves quite the home over the last couple years, with such a great reputation for fun, fur babies and a light-hearted silliness that on many days has people lined up out the door. It’s no surprise to me that another brewery would decide to move in next door. Ol’ beautiful and Cold Garden are showing the neighborly love so much so that they’ve even string up lights in between them. I had my camera in tow when we went to check out Ol’ Beautiful the other day, so it only makes sense to talk about them both.

Ol’ Beautiful Brewing Co.

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Ol’ Beautiful is newly open, looking good, and ready to join the yyc beer scene! Before you even walk in, you get such rustic and homey vibe, like it belongs in a small town, not Inglewood! A ton of people showed up on their opening day and it was awesome to see such a show of support.

DSC00716 (2)

Huge boards tower over the L-shaped bar, no squinting to read this menu! Like many breweries recently they are starting out with quite a few beers in their lineup and tasting across them all we found a couple gems. The Belgian chocolate stout had nice deep flavours; you could really taste that chocolate malt goodness. The wheat ale was also very nice along with their berliner weiss collab with Last Best. The brewery was too busy to get many good pictures, but hey, that’s a good problem!

DSC00728 (2)

The decor gives the pace kind of an old-school but elegant vibe, and reminds me a little of the basement on that 70’s show, I can’t fully pinpoint why. But maybe it’s cause you kind of just want to chill here, just to relax and hang out a while. After all, that’s what makes a good brewery.

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Cold Garden Beverage Company

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Stepping through the doors to cold Garden for the first time is complete sensory overload. There’s lights hanging from the ceiling,  fake flowers chandeliers, and crazy artwork. There’s dogs to pet, people to navigate past, and crazy furniture everywhere. Colourful pool noodles adorn the brewing tank pipes and there’s an over-sized gnome hanging from the roof who know’s he’s cooler than you. The sign hanging above it all says “this must be the place.” What place? Who the hell knows! But you for sure want to sit down for a beer!

DSC00749 (2)

My favourite pint here is a their sour cherry and rhubarb sour seasonal, I believe it’s a blonde ale at heart. Otherwise it’s the cappuccino porter every time, regardless of weather.  I’ll be perfectly honest; I’m not not one of the many lovers of their infamous”cake face” and I have a couple others that aren’t my cup of tea. But you know what? I’m here all the damn time! I guess I’m just a sucker for giant pineapple shaped disco balls and general ridiculousness.


Cold Garden is just a place to be free, to be you, to lounge, to write on the walls (everywhere) without repercussions. There’s  yummy snacks by donation and free candy at the bar which, naturally, makes you want to clear your tables yourself. Right now, to celebrate Pride, they have a skittles beer on and you can seriously taste the rainbow guys, I swear it.

DSC00742 (2)

This place is seriously the most  fun, the most outrageous, and I can’t think of anywhere else I’d  be smitten as can be, while drinking a skittles beer next to a hoof lamp. It’s just the place, ya know?

DSC00741 (2)

These two breweries look like they’ll be fast friends, and I look forward to being able to add a stop at Ol’ Beautiful to my already frequent visits to Cold Garden. I mean, you’ve just got to when their that close; congrats on the opening Ol’ Beautiful!

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