We’re gonna party like it’s 1988 – at Eighty-Eight Brewing Company!

The year 1988 was a big one for Calgary; it was the year my parent’s welcomed me into the world! Oh, and the Winter Olympics were hosted here. I guess that too.

In all seriousness, the concept of an 88′ themed brewery is, in short, RAD!

eighty eight brewing bar

I may have been a tiny barely functional human in 1988, but everyone knows the 80’s were awesome, and the florescent lights here really channel that. Eighty-Eight Brewing has done a killer job of bringing this style alive in their brewery. I immediately felt like I was back at Lloyd’s roller rink, skates on and ready to awkwardly roller-skate the night away! Plus in addition to the New York style pizza, they had Luchables on the menu, ’nuff said!

DSC00656 (2)

This place has a such great vibe, I was seriously diggin’ it. Although it seems like an odd location, they’re farmers market adjacent too.  So I have a feeling I’m going to “need” a lot of organic vegetables in the near future. *Runs across road to brewery.*

eighty eight brewing flight 2

Now, the beer. I have to apologize to them because when I saw they were starting with seven unique offerings I couldn’t imagine that they’d all be executed well. I mean, they just opened a day before, they can’t have them all figured out, right? Wrong! All seven beers were spot on, and I don’t usually find that when someone is starting out. They nailed it.  They nailed them all.

eighty eight brewing flight

The New England IPA had nice full flavours with subtle, fruity hops. The Belgian beers all were identifiable on first taste, with that soft mouthfeel only a beer brewed with Belgian yeast can. The Rosé Saison and dry hopped sour both delivered the goods as well. With funky names like Tiffany and Duo Tang, they’re also all the fun to order.

eighty eight brewing jacket pictures

The decor in general was just fun, and brought back memories for me. For example, I insisted on wearing a ridiculous purple, red and yellow jacket just like one of the ones on this wall for an amount of time I’m not proud of, so this artwork spoke to my inner child. Where can I get one of these now!

eighty eight brewing tanks

Even the brewing tanks, which you look over onto from the upper bar, have a sneaky bit of jazz going on. It’s as if there’s a party going on down there too. Overall, this is a super cool brewery with such great beer. So get Eighty-Eight Brewing’s beer out of your dreams, and into your belly! Trust me, you’ll be happy you did!

eighty eight brewing sign


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