Marda Loop Brewing, on track for success

I have been anxiously awaiting the opening of Marda Loop Brewing since they announced their plans a few months back. Being just a 10 minute bike ride from my house, they are pretty much in my hood (am I cool enough to day that?) so I really hoped we’d be a match. I’d been following along on Instagram with the breweries progress and getting excited to meet it; I am just going to go ahead and assume this is this what going on a Tinder date feels like in the age of social media. #Firstdate

Marda Loop Brewing glasses on bar

I’m happy to report that my  first encounter with this new addition to the Calgary brewery scene was splendid. I think we’ll be seeing each other again soon. Marda Loop Brewing has come up with a seriously beautiful brewery; the design elements in there are all class. Flawless grey and white marble, brass fixtures, pretty patterned tiles, and classy AF green high-top leather chairs. Gorgeous!

Marda Loop Brewing decor (2)

The staff aren’t in typical casual brewery tees but instead opting for crisp white collared shirts, dress pants and polished shoes. I almost felt the need to lift a pinkie while tasting through my sample flight.

Marda Loop Brewing bar (2)

The five core beers  — all with namesakes  true to the train station theme — are a really nice start; light and crisp with nothing too heavy, all great for summer! My top two were the Casablanca blonde ale (an unusual choice for me) and the Marda Station IPA. With three empty spaces on their beer board, I am interested to see what they brew next to complete their lineup. But as it stands, I think the place has a solid foundation to be a successful addition to the neighborhood. There was no shortage of guests checking it out just a day after official opening, and I imagine it will too easily become a neighborhood favourite; I know I’ll be heading over on my bike again sometime soon! Bottoms up Marda Loop Brewing, and welcome to the area!

Marda Loop Brewing glasses (2)

Marda Loop Brewing entrance (2)




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