Opportunity knox in Black Diamond: Welcome Hard Knox Brewery!

We had the fortunate timing of coming back home near Black Diamond during Hard Knox Brewery’s opening weekend, so a short detour was (obviously) necessary to accommodate a quick peek. To be honest, it’s not what I was expecting for a small town brewery, size-wise anyway. Anticipatory of future demand, they have a large production area with a decent size tap room and even look to be constructing a wrap-around patio out front!

Hard Knox brewing storefront.jpg

Located right along Center Ave, they’re perfectly situated to be a stop in for bikers, or campers such as ourselves, heading back after a weekend away.  The decor is simple and a bit rustic, I can see them adding to it as they settle in, there’s plenty of wall space for signs and trinkets. It has a bit of a biker bar feel which can be partially attributed to the main road location and some of the clientele, but it’s that grand saloon style building which I think really does it.

Hard Knox Brewing interior.jpg

Beer-wise, their smooth and lusciously malty Vienna Ale is a clear standout among the other two staples; a blonde and an IPA. Along with a couple rotating taps I think they have made a good start and I’m looking forward to swinging back through when they are fully settled in.

The Calgary market is swimming in new breweries — lets be clear I’m by no means complaining — but it’s especially great to see someone branch out and open one in the outskirts. In my humble opinion, it’s a smart business opportunity and I hope to see Hard Knox Brewery flourish in the little town of Black Diamond!

Hard Knox beer flight


  1. Hi, just came across your review! Thank you very much. You are spot in, we have added historic photos, antiques and now have 8 beers on Tap! Our production has increased, in liquor stores throughout Alberta and released our fourth year round flagship, Sun Up to Sun Down, a Banana Brown, our ‘ode to the Farmer. Thanks again for the write up.


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