Jameson Whiskey tour – Come for the story, stay for the cocktails!


Along with a tour of the famous Guinness Storehouse, another tour not to be missed in Dublin, Ireland is the Jameson Distillery. Whether you’re whisky shy, like myself, or someone who drinks it neat, you’ll enjoy it either way. It’s not just about the whiskey, it’s about the story.Jameson sign

The tour is fully guided, and although a large portion takes place in front of a screen projected onto a table, it feels far more intimate being told the tale of Jameson’s by a real person and not a recording. There’s some cool history associated with the company and you could tell our guide enjoyed telling the stories.

The next part of the tour brings you to a room with beakers of whiskey, barley, and other items to smell while your guide goes through the distilling process along with some pretty cool projection visuals.

Jameson beakers

Jameson tastersIf you are one of those who likes your whiskey, you’ll be pleased to know that your tour admission also includes one drink, and three tasters. The guided tasting is meant to show the contrast between the leading Scottish, American, and Irish whiskey – which of course is Jameson’s. The additional drink can be neat, on ice, or as a mixed drink with with ginger ale and lime. We decided to stay for an additional cocktail at the bar which was competitive to the price of one in town and very fancy!

We spent just over an hour there with the tour and drink, so I’d say it was worth the visit. If you are heading to Dublin and are undecided, I recommend making it a part of your trip, even if it’s just to the snazzy main bar for a drink.

Jameson chandelier

Whiskey cocktail

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