It’s a lovely day for a tour of the Guinness Storehouse

I recently was fortunate enough to visit Ireland, the United Kingdom, and Scotland, each beautiful countries in their respects. Having Irish heritage it has always been a trip I wanted to take, and I would recommend it to anyone. Unless you hate things like beautiful scenery, adorable sheep, friendly people, and cozy, welcoming pubs full of home-style cooking.

In Ireland, we flew in and out of Dublin, then rented a car and toured around the southern towns and cities. In Dublin, anyone will tell you, a trip there is not complete without a visit to the Guinness Storehouse. I’ve been to many breweries and completed my fair share of tours, but this tour is on an entirely different level. Or should I say, a whole different seven levels!guinness brewery gate

Yup, seven floors of beer education, brewery history, fun facts, and sensory experiences. Being in marketing, I was so excited to go through advertising floor. Like Guinness or hate it, you can’t argue that they have produced some excellent campaigns in their more than 250 years in business. My personal favourite is the Guinness toucan, but the fish riding a bicycle has to be a close second.

guiness fish on bike

The tour price fluctuates price based on time of day, so it’s a good idea to book in advance online, and if your schedule suits, choose an off-peak slot to save a few euros off the full price of 22.50. We weren’t opposed to breakfast beer, so we decided to start at 10:30 am, and I think even earlier would be better as it got increasingly busy. To fully enjoy everything the tour has to offer you should allow at least 90 minutes. So really, by the time we were having a pint, it was an acceptable time, at noon.

guinness storehouse - the brewing process

guinness storehouse - barrels

Your admission price includes access to all floors as a self-directed tour, a short guided tasting and a full pint at whichever of their three bars you choose to redeem it. There’s plenty of all-out exhibits throughout, Complete with vapor vats venting the flavor profiles of a Guinness; the Tasting Room was probably one of the most delicious smelling places I’ve ever been. But the tiny taster, albeit adorable, just makes you want to dig into a pint, which thankfully comes shortly after.

guniness taster

You can pour the pint yourself – under the guidance of a bartender – at the fourth floor Guinness Academy, but personally, I’ve done just enough bartending to be happier skipping that and heading straight to the Gravity Bar at the top. It boasts 360-degree views of Dublin; the cherry on top of a really interesting tour.

guinness storehouse

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