Renovations at Fernie Brewing – when “happy places” get even happier!

I have a number of locations I consider my happy place, so guess they’re really my happy places plural, but why just be ultra happy in one location? I, personally, think that would be just plain silly!

Anyhow, Fernie, BC has become one of such happy places; it’s close to one of my best friends cabins, it has a great little sushi place and Big Bang Bagels, it’s beautifully situated in the mountains next to endless outdoor fun, and most importantly, it’s home to Fernie Brewing Co.

fernie beers

I love this brewery’s beer, especially the First Trax Brown Ale, ‘What the Huck’ Huckleberry Wheat, and the and Slingshot ISA, but there’s always something that’s been a little lacking. The brewery.

Now, to clarify; I stop there often, the staff are delights, and it’s cozy, and  it’swelcoming. However, many times it has been so busy that you can barely find a place to sit.

That’s all changed. They’ve expanded, renovated, and reopened; same great place, just more space! (Sorry – when a rhyme just works you don’t fight it.) By keeping a lot of the same style as before, it is still familiar, and walking in was coming back to a place that always makes me smile. Just a fresher, bigger place, and…oh! Seats!

fernie brewing

fernie brewing

One new feature I love, besides just somewhere to rest my bottom, is that they have showcased their charity contributions nicely on the wall. If you weren’t aware, all proceeds from their tasting paddles go to a local charity. They have supported a number of deserving causes over the past few years and the number is really admirable!

fernie brewing chariry

The other most notable improvement is the addition of a gated patio, which is even fitted with a little sheltered area for any patio pups. From the front of the building, you can barely tell anything changed, but I suppose that’s the beauty of it. I have two trips back out here this year and being totally honest it’ll end up being more. So, I can’t wait to spend more time here and I am just smitten to be able to share one if my favourite locations within one of my “happy places” with more friends.

fernie brewing outside

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