Beers on target at the Arrowhead Brewing Company

On a recent camping trip to Radium, we rewarded ourselves after a scenic bike ride along Old Coach Road with a trip to Arrowhead Brewing Company in Invermere…Ok, AND an ice cream at Screamers, but this isn’t about that.

I have been wanting to check out the brewery for a while, but for some reason on any trips over there have always missed it, so it was about time!

DSC06225 copy

raspberry ale

I’ll admit I have never really tried their beer, and unfortunately their branding doesn’t beckon me, with the exception of their raspberry ale which I hadn’t before seen in stores. Look at those sexy raspberries of the night! Hah, I just love it!

On the note of branding, the quirky labeling makes so much more sense when you actually visit the brewery. It’s got kind of a truck stop diner vibe, full of their posters, fun signs, and car themed knick-knacks. You enter and immediately feel like you want to put your feet up and kick back with a cold one, which I suppose we were in the right place for.

arrowhead brewing

DSC06242 copy

arrowhead brewing

The decor also made me want to hear a story about “the olden days” from someone old enough to have bought some of these cool trinkets when they were new. The staff was a fair bit young for that, and my biking companions the same, alas the beer would have to do the talking.

arrowhead brewing

And did it ever! I was far more impressed than I had anticipated while tasting my way through a flight of their staple menu and some seasonals. The raspberry wheat was a clear favourite among our group, not helping my irrational belief that a good label equals a good beer, but there were other stand-outs as well. Their IPA was 7.3% ABV, so I was thankful to only have a taster of it after a big ride, but the flavours were really nice with some pine and citrus notes. The Blonde and Honey Ales, though not my thing style-wise, were well executed and the Extra Special Bitter had a really great flavour, nicely balanced with fruit and malt. On the bartenders recommendation, I also tasted the “Kick Ass Coffee Cream Ale,” a collaboration between the brewery and Kicking Horse Coffee, and it was right on the money. The Dry Irish Stout however, was the winner for me; creamy, chocolatey, deep roasted malts. Decadent and delicious, only rivaled by their gorgeously dark Imperial Black Ale, look at that beauty!

arrowhead brewing

I’ll definitely be making this quirky little brewery a regular stop on my future trips to Invermere, and if you are ever there be sure to check them out! On a related note, the trail we biked, aptly named “Deja View,” was incredible. Here’s all the proof I feel need to convince you to do that as well…


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