Five ways this years’ Calgary International Beerfest is going to be even better than the last


1.  Cooking with Beer sessions have a new ingredient

CHOCOLATE! They’re adding a chocolate paring’s session to the cooking with beer line up; I love chocolate and chocolatey beer, so I will likely be planning my attendance around getting in on this session. Yum…and now I’m craving chocolate porter cake, dammit!

2. Extra perks for VIPs!

VIP’s will now have their own lounges and washrooms. And the latter is the one that I think really bladders, I mean, er…matters. The lounges sound delightful, but if you’ve seen the lines for the washroom at Beerfest (or any festival for that matter) you’ll know that this perk is going to make VIP passes a hot tickets this year!

3. Beer University is expanding

Education is important! A bigger Beer University means more people learning about malts, barley, and hops, about Alberta farmers, and the brewing process. And as a result, more people learning to love this booming industry as much as they love what’s in their pint glass.

4. A brand new Craft Distillery District

Approximately 15 craft distilleries are expected to be joining the fun this year, and I think they will be a welcome addition. Not to mention your gluten intolerant friends will be happy about this one!

5. More Alberta Brewers means more Alberta Beer!

More than 20 Alberta Brewers have opened since the last festival, maybe more, I lost count. I’m hoping to see newbies from outside Calgary who’s beers I haven’t yet picked up and am expecting a couple to make a debut. There will be one special beer for sure; part of the Be The Brewer Contest, it was chosen, brewed, named, and promoted by the people, for the people.  I got a taste of the “The Lion the WIT and the Wardrobe” last night, brewed by Olds College Brewery; it is such a cool design and concept, make sure you try it at the event!

Needless to say, whether you’re thinking of heading to Calgary or Edmonton, with over 150 breweries, you won’t want to miss out on this years’ International Beerfest events!

the lion the wit and the wardrobe

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