Canmore Brewing Company – a second brewery for the mountain town

When we are fortunate enough to get a chinook in the middle of winter in Alberta, it is prime time to head to the mountains! For those of you who may not be familiar, this is a lovely warm wind that makes it’s way down the east side of the Rocky Mountains, giving an always appreciated break from the cold winter weather.We opted to head out to Johnston Canyon in Banff, an absolutely stunning and relatively easy hike in both summer and winter. Though a little icy and very busy, it was well worth the drive, I’ll leave you with a couple of images in place of explanation.

Johnston canyon upper falls

dsc05455Right!? So gorgeous! This was our first time doing this hike in winter, and it was very much worth the slipping and sliding around the pathways.

Anyhow, on the way back we stopped at the long anticipated new addition Canmore’s beer scene; Canmore Brewing Company.

Wait, that’s not entirely accurate. First, we stopped for lunch at Canmore’s other brewery, The Grizzly Paw. This place is our go-to for lunch in Canmore and has both a new brewery and a newly renovated brewpub, recently having expanded to meet the growing demand. I posted about them a while ago when I won a weekend away from a photo contest they had and am a huge fan of their beer and pub grub!

Canmore Brewing Company tap handles

So, Canmore Brewing Company opened up in mid-January of 2017 with three flagship beers; a rye IPA, pale ale, and brown ale, all with mountain inspired names. Their taproom is bright and open, with large wooden tables and a long bar along one side. I had tried their rye IPA already, as a friend had brought some back when they visited so I already knew I was in for a treat! Side note, having friends that bring you tasty beer might have to be a life goal accomplished that I didn’t know I had!


No surprise that the brown ale was my favorite – malty beers just have my heart – but the rye IPA has a nice little kick of booziness and is very well balanced, I imagine their recipe will only improve over time. The pale ale was exactly what you would want it to be after a day on the mountains; a refreshing and easy-drinking ale. I can see myself ordering it over lunch during a ski day; on an “unrelated” note, Lake Louise is my preferred ski hill…

Canmore Brewing Company pale ale

The staff here had to be some of the most lovely people I have ever encountered and were insistent we could taste whatever we would like before ordering. Insert a “take my money” meme here; I was very confused by this delightful display of hospitality.

Canmore Brewing Company beers

It is great to see that the brewing space is quite large, so once they are more established, I can see expansion in both production and selection in the future. More immediately than additional fermenters, sounds like they will be adding a stout to their regular lineup, so I’ll have to head back as soon as I catch news of it! Hope you can check them out on your next stop in Canmore if you live in the area to support this new local business. Not to be selfish here, but the more you support them the closer I am to getting their beers at ski hills and back in Calgary!


Congratulations on the opening Canmore Brewing! I am sure I will be by again soon!


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