What’s on tap at Common Crown Brewing Co.

Common Crown Brewing Co. Tasting Paddle

One of the latest additions to Calgary’s beer scene, having launched in fall of 2016, Common Crown Brewing Co. has come in with some very high-quality beers right off the bat. Did you know that when they launched their beers, they were originally supposed to have three offerings, a blonde ale, brown ale, and an IPA? Those of you who may have seen them at the beginning would know that they only launched with two, they decided the IPA was just not ready for the public. A smart business decision, in my opinion, it should never be about being first to market, it should be about being the best you can be when you get there.

Common Crown Brewing Co.
The tasting room being open, we decided to pop by on a Saturday afternoon to check it out. We weren’t the only ones with this idea; it was pretty busy! They have a few tables and seats at the bar with a big TV in one corner, perfect for watching a game while enjoying a couple of beers.

Their brewing space has an additional large table for brewery tours and lots of room for growth in the brewing department! Love the huge mural along one wall, it creates a nice feeling of community and brings some vibrancy to the room. I’ll have to come back and do their brewery tour some time; it looked like a group was just starting one when we were leaving.

Common Crown Brewing Co. mural
We each grabbed a tasting paddle of their three mainstay beers and the current seasonal, a wee heavy Scottish ale. The blonde is light and easy drinking; though I’m personally not a huge fan of blondes, which I guess is a bit funny considering I am one! The brown ale has to be my favorite, extra dark and generously malted for an extra smooth mouthfeel, and almost no bitterness at all. I couldn’t resist grabbing a six pack of it for later.

Common Crown Brewing Co. tasting paddle
I’m very picky with my IPA’s, I find so many breweries over-do it as they try to achieve sky high IBU’s, but this one was excellent. It let the intense flavor of the hops come through as the star; piney and spicy with a crisp, refreshing finish. Finally, the current seasonal, the wee heavy Scottish ale, reminded me a lot of one of one of my favorite cakes; sticky toffee pudding. Even at a rather boozy 7.5% alcohol, it is a very well balanced beer with a nice complexity of flavour, the kind you just have one pint as a treat after a long day.

Common Crown Brewing Co. tap handles
Common Crown’s name refers to the many hats one wears in life or business, so true to the entrepreneurial nature of starting a brewery or any business for that matter, one has to wear many hats. So hats – or should I say crowns -off to these guys for bringing quality beer to the Calgary scene and congrats on the new space. Conveniently located a stones-throw from Tool Shed Brewing Co. I recommend you stop in at both places and make an afternoon of it!Common Crown Brewing Co. tasting paddle

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