Martha Stewart’s Spinach Fettuccine

Spinach Fettuchini

Usually I add my own recipes here, sometimes modifications, and others complete random things I like to cook. But this recipe needs no modification and I wanted to share it with you!

Pasta is not my forte, but I have been enjoying playing around with it since buying a pasta machine about a year ago. I don’t often have time to do a whole lot of it, so I wouldn’t say I am improving that much. I found this particular recipe to be pretty foolproof however, especially for someone like me, with very limited experience and that decided to try flavored pasta on a whim to use up some spinach that was a little too wilted for a salad.

The Recipe: Fresh Spinach Pasta Dough from


6 oz. fresh spinach
2 eggs
1  egg yolk
1 tsp salt
2 1/2 cups flour

Note: The dough must rest for an hour or two, something I wish I had read before starting this recipe just before 6 pm on a weeknight!

Process: this recipe has a lot of instruction and can seem a little daunting, I recommend you follow it, but here is a quick summary:

1) Steam the spinach in a double boiler until just lightly softened, drain and let cool.

2) Add to food processor and blend, then add eggs and salt.

3) Once well combined, add flour.

4) Knead dough 5-10 minutes.

5) Let dough rest 1-2 hours covered under an inverted bowl.

6) Cut into eights.

7) Flatten, one piece at a time, lightly flour then pass through a pasta maker.

See? Doesn’t seem so bad, right?

A few notes on my experience:

  • It is important to let the spinach cool enough before adding the egg, it is ok to be slightly warm, but careful not to cook your eggs with hot spinach!
  • In the food processor, I found it helpful to add flour 1/2 cup at a time and pulse a couple times before adding the next. I also have a small food processor so I had to stop at 2 cups and add the last cup while kneading.
  • I kneaded the dough for only 5 minutes and that seemed plenty, though I am sure it would be even better with more, but I also may not have been able to bend my wrists the next day, so I think it was a fair trade-off.
  • I also only rested the dough for an hour and that was fine. Would two hours have been better? Maybe. Do I want to be halfway through dinner and then take a two hour break? No.
  • Cutting it into eights was important, it was the perfect amount of pasta to work with. This is actually the first recipe I have used which specified the size, I would say a bit bigger than a golf ball, which will be my new standard for other pasta recipes.
  • If you do a couple rolls through the pasta maker and find the dough is starting to get too tacky, a light dusting of flour gets you back on track, without you ending up with a dough ball in the rollers!
  • If you are making fettuccine or spaghetti, you don’t need a pasta drying rack specifically, I used a stacking cookie rack and I have heard of others using clothes drying racks.

Good luck with your own pasta and head over to to try out this recipe. I will be making it again and can’t wait to try it with beets, pumpkin, peppers, or whatever else I can think of!

Spinach Fettuchini 2

 I dressed my pasta with a homemade Parmesan cheese sauce with zucchini, portobello mushroom, peas, and shallots. Mmmmm!Spinach Fettuchini in cream sauce with mushrooms ans zucchini

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