SAIT Centenni-Ale, a beer to mark a century!

I wouldn’t normally post about a beer release, because honestly with the Alberta industry booming the way it is, who could keep up?! But this beer warrants an exception. I have a special connection to it, because I work on the centennial team at SAIT; the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology. A 100th Birthday of anything or anyone is worth quite the celebration, and I have been working with an incredible team over the past year to plan their party, which took place on October 16th, 2016. Though the birthday is complete our team will continue to work on projects throughout the academic year to continue the celebrations.

As a part of the bigger picture on October 16th — in between the time capsules, the giant cake, concert, fireworks, and everything else — the Centennial-Ale was launched at the Gateway Bar. This beer was made to have a wide appeal because it was created for a party; so they wanted a beer that everyone could enjoy. However, in true Tool Shed Brewery fashion, it is far from boring! They worked with the SAIT Students Association on the project, and even created a few test batches in advance of the big brew to get the recipe just right.

For a centennial beer, it was pretty easy to choose a hop; centennial of course! But there are a hint of golden hops in there as well, picked right from SAIT’s own Jackson’s Garden, which the culinary students use throughout the year. My colleagues and I ran out and picked the hops ourselves with less than 24 hours to the brew time! They may not really effect the flavour, but it makes me smile to know they are in there.

The hops are mild, smooth, not overpowering, and more on the floral and citrusy side. The oatmeal is quite prominent, giving it a natural malt flavour with hints of caramel. I hope everyone get a chance to try this beer, and cheers to 100 years of SAIT educating Alberta’s workforce, and beyond…Here’s to 100 more!


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