A seat at the Duke’s table – Village Brewmaster’s Dinner at Pig & Duke

Naturally, when I saw $20 tickets to the Pig and Duke’s Brewmaster’s dinner with Village Brewery, I couldn’t pass them up, and it turns out it was more than just a good deal! The whole evening was awesome, so if you’re thinking of going to one of their dinners in the future and just aren’t sure, let me persuade you!

First Course: A pint (yup, a pint!) of Village Squeeze was a light and refreshing welcome drink. For the starter appetizer was a duck terrine crostini with a bit of cranberry. Simple but tasty!

Pig and Duke Pub Calgary - Brewmasters Dinner

Second Course: Village wit was a sensible pairing with the goat cheese and pecan salad with a mixed berry vinaigrette. Though this course was not overly exciting, it made sense, and you’ve gotta have your greens right?

Pig and Duke Pub Calgary - Brewmasters Dinner second course

Third Course: By far my favourite of the night, the limited edition Father’s Day Rauchbier was perfectly paired with smoked BBQ chicken wings. I want more of those wings, and more of that beer, and more of those wings with that beer. My mouth is watering…moving on!

Pig and Duke Pub Calgary - Brewmasters Dinner chicken wings

Fourth Course: Just as the guys were starting to say they may still be hungry in need of some 25 cent perogies — don’t get me started on how exciting I think those are — the next course came out. Village blonde’s pairing was a grilled marinara and cheese bread with a drizzle chili oil; or is it the other way around? It was both filling and a little kick in the tastebuds!

Pig and Duke Pub Calgary - Brewmasters Dinner pizza

Fifth Course: It wouldn’t be a proper meal at Pig and Duke without pork on the menu! The last course — or so we thought — was a pork belly slider with chimichurri and apple slaw on a ciabatta bun. Village Blacksmith paired pretty delightfully if I do day so myself!

Pig and Duke Pub Calgary - Brewmasters Dinner pork  belly slider

Now, we thought this was the end — and we were happily plotting just where we would consume some dessert — when we found out that there was a surprise extra course. Very sneaky indeed!

Pig and Duke Pub Calgary - Brewmasters Dinner village blacksmith bacon milkshake

If I need anything in life, it’s this recipe – and like, a lot of other things – but…baby steps. From what I could gather, this dessert consisted of vanilla ice cream, coffee, and Village Blacksmith (probably in syrup form) with candied bacon on top. So, to the ice cream laboratory I go! If someone tells me the secret recipe it will save me weeks of delicious testing; so do I really want to know?

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