Five fruity beers fit for summer

The tans are getting darker, the beers are getting lighter and BBQ’s are on overdrive. If you’re like me, you may suddenly realize you forgot to work out in preparation for days spent at swimming pools and lakes. Oh well, at least there’s some great beers out there to enjoy by the waterfront! Plus, there’s always next year, right?

While I could make a whole other list of session ales and White IPA’s, those with fruit are refreshing beyond measure. Here’s my top five (mostly) local favorites; featuring fruit.

1. Parallel 49 Tricycle Radler – When the temperatures are up, and I mean way up, it doesn’t get more refreshing than a Radler, and with such low alcohol content, you might as well call it juice! These give mimosas a run for their money as a brunch beverage too. I’ve tried many Radlers and I find lots of them a bit pithy; personally, I like things a bit on the sweeter side, so Parallel 49 is right on the money!

2. Phillips Brewery Solaris Peach Wit – This new release is lightly fruity, so it doesn’t overwhelm, and its low IBU’s make it dangerously easy to drink. I get a warm and fuzzy feeling just thinking about how perfectly the fruitiness and wheat flavor work together…almost like, you know, a peach!

 3. Wildrose Brewery Cowbell Sour – This kettle sour recently took home a bronze at the Canadian Brewing Awards, and for good reason. Even if you aren’t sold on sours, don’t discount this one, it’s is a little lighter than some of its counterparts. If you want the ultimate summer drink, and you’re lucky enough to be enjoying the sun on the Wildrose patio, order the “pink belly,” you can thank me later!

4. Village Squeeze Lemon Berry Helles – Yes, it does taste as good as it sounds. And they recently released it in tall cans, so you can take it along to one of your favorite campsites and enjoy fireside. Pucker up, this lemon-berry combo is a big juicy kiss of sunshine!

5. Grizzly Paw Rasberry Ale – It may be the patio nostalgia talking since anything grizzly paw makes me imagine that I’m sitting on their patio in Canmore after a mountain adventure, but man does this beer just tastes like summer to me. This unfiltered wheat ale has just right measure of real raspberries and a good balance of sweet and tart.
Tooldshed Gose

Honorable mention: Toolshed Brewery’s Black Currant Gose would have made this list, however since it is a limited release I didn’t want to crush any dreams – though if you do get it in time – you’ll be amazed at how much flavor these guys crushed into each can!

There are a number of other beers that deserve to be on this list too, but that’s for another post


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