An afternoon at Brooklyn Brewery


What better way to catch up with a good friend that I haven’t seen in a couple of years than over some beers in New York. When planning our New York adventure, a visit to Brooklyn brewery was at the top of our list, right next to the Rockefeller Centre observation deck and a walk through Central Park.

If you’re also heading to NYC and planning to visit the brewery, there are a few things to note, I hope this will help you with your trip!

1. If you’re just now planning your trip stop everything, go to their website, and see if you can book a small batch tour, they sell out pretty far in advance. We missed booking it and wish we had looked sooner, sounds really interesting. If you have already missed it, not to worry, they do regular tours on the hour. Personally, we opted out of that as well – we just had too much catching up to do.


2. Make sure to give yourself lots of time, especially on a weekend. The brewery has limited hours, make sure to look them up, and you’re probably not the only one who as a visit in their plans! We were there on a Saturday afternoon and waited about an hour in the sunshine among other excited soon-to-be-patrons. On a colder day, it may have been an issue, but it was just fine for us.


3. Onto the food, or lack of. They do not serve food within the brewery; apart from small snacks like bags of chips. They did, however, have an awesome pizza truck outside, and I imagine they have something most days, it is a captive audience after all. They do allow you to bring something in, and we probably stared a little too long at the table of pure geniuses with bags of tortilla chips and dip.


4. Chips of a different kind get you your beers. Make your life easy – have a $20 bill handy – as soon as you get in you can exchange that for five tokens. One token = one beer, and be prepared to wait in line again at the bar.


5. Now onto the important part, the beer. All the beers I tried were fantastic; we can’t buy all these at home, so it was a treat to try other offerings. The best, in my opinion, was the dark lager, Oktoberfest a close second, and the defender IPA third – though my comrades both rated it number one.

Overall the brewery did not disappoint, a nice casual atmosphere, good variety of high-quality beers and an organized system for getting them. We picked up some t-shirts on the way out too, love a good brewery shirt.

Recommended next stop? The Ginger Man in Manhattan- with 100 taps and good pub food, it was an excellent choice for dinner!


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