Smitten as a kitten, a series of fortunate events!

I have been wanting to check out the new Pig and Duke downtown Calgary location for a while and now, due to a series of fortunate events, I will be trying it out courtesy of Alberta Beer Festivals!

I recently attended Social Media Breakfast Calgary, where the topic was Beer and Branding, which was right up my alley! It was very interesting and had a great panel of speakers from the industry including Toolshed Brewing, Village Brewery, Big Rock Brewery, Wildrose Brewery and Molson. If anyone is into social media and hasn’t been to one of these events, I would recommend you go to the next one that interests you, they are held monthly at various locations, this month was Crowfoot Wine and Spirits, what a neat event space.
At the end of the panel, they asked a series trivia type of questions about what we had just heard in order to win pairs of tickets to Calgary Beer Fest. I was “nerding out” pretty hard at this event; the marketing strategy, the beer, breakfast, just totally in my element,  so I was listening intently like a kindergartener at story time. The upside of that though, was that I knew all the answers and eventually got up there first to claim some coveted Beer Fest tickets!

Smitten as a Kitten - a Series of FORTUNATE Events!Fast forward to a couple weeks later, I see a tweet from @ABBEERFESTIVALS for a contest to enter to win by showing them my tickets. I enlisted my cat, Saffron, to be my photo model and grabbed some bribes in the form of chicken treats to make her my muse. One ‘high five” later (ok, two or three, she doesn’t have great paw aim) and we have ourselves some gift certificates to check out the brand new Pig and Duke location!

I will let you know how it is; judging by their other location…I’m pretty excited!

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