Wild Rose and peruvian peppers

On Sunday, a friend of mine called me up and asked if my husband and I wanted to come with her and her boyfriend to go look at kitties at the Calgary Humane Society. There are so many beautiful animals deserving of great homes, I fell in love with a bunch of them! Most notably, we met a very nice dog named Ben wearing a cone on his head, a rabbit named Harry Popper and some HUGE cats, Dude being the most awesome, but if you go there you must see Strawberry, who was on a much needed “special diet.”

After our little adventure we popped over to Wild Rose Brewery for a bit if a snack. Unfortunately, I may have overindulged  bit the evening before, so I opted for a Ginger Beer instead of an actual beer. They serve Grizzly Paw Sodas, made in Canmore at the Grizzly Paw Brewing Company, which are just delicious! The guys each had pints of one of the current seasonals, Regal Lager, which is their version of a Schwarzbier, a German style black lager with flavours similar to, but more subtle than, a stout or porter. I’ve had it a couple times before and would not be opposed to it becoming a regular in the Wild Rose lineup!
On the Wild Rose website, the beer was described as follows:

Roasted malts are used to give the beer a dark chocolate flavor which is deftly balanced with the clean bitterness of German noble hops. Special German lager yeast and extended cold aging ensures this beer is silky smooth.

I couldn’t really say it better myself, and the quality of this beer has made me excited for their next seasonal creations!

The Wild Rose Brewery is a fantastic little spot, great atmosphere, friendly staff and clever decorating, right down to the salt and pepper shakers. Their beer is served in proper pints, none of those little ones, and the food I tried was incredible.
I ordered a Maple Montreal Smoked Meat Flatbread, which had grainy mustard, was piled high with tender meat and sauerkraut and topped with sliced pickles and these adorable Peruvian peppers. I couldn’t get over how tasty, bright and cute they were, apparently I may be able to find them in a shop in Kensington, so that will be a project for another day.

We all made the decision that we needed to return ASAP and assess this menu, both food and drink, more closely.

In conclusion, we have big plans to properly investigate, possibly as soon as next week, and I will leave you with a picture of the drool-worthy flatbread…


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